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Full Spectrum Birth Keepers



Our birth keepers work as a collective community of support for your journey. If you are seeking birth doula support, you will be connected to an available primary doula with the addition of a secondary doula for back up support. Working with our collective provides wrap around support for all outcomes of pregnancy through to postpartum. Searching for a doula? Read about our members below, we'd love to hear from you!

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Indigenous Birth Keeper, Peer to Peer Breastfeeding Support and Aspiring Student Midwife

"I have supported North Americas First Peoples with all things postnatal for the past ten years, and I love it. However, a few years ago I was gifted the opportunity to learn and work with Metis and Indigenous families prenatally and birthing. Since then, I have been providing full spectrum services, prenatal support and preparation, leading into birth and concluding with postnatal care"

  • Available for birth support

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Birth Keeper, Family Advocate and Childbirth Educator

"I have been walking with families a long time now. 25 years in practice, the last 12 in birth work. Birth is ceremony and has the potential to be a great portal of healing power not just for Life Givers, but across generations. I love watching mothers and fathers be born, but I swoon when I see a Kookum step into her new place in the circle". 

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Indigenous Birth Keeper and Childbirth Educator

“ Birth is ceremony, whichever way your body releases, is a ceremony. It is when you become pregnant, that you find your place in community and it is in that community, where you find your strength. Birth is much more than having a baby, it is the re-birth of life, of change, of newness, in all its senses. As a full spectrum birth keeper, I support all forms of birth, release. Whether it is birth of your baby, miscarriage, still birth or abortion, I am here to walk this path with you." 

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Indigenous Birth Keeper

"My dream for the future is to support the opening of a birthing center for Indigenous, Metis and Inuit families. My passion is to create a safe and welcoming place for these families to seek support in their birthing plans and to birth their babies in a less colonized/more holistic way, a safe way, a cultural way, and a way where you feel most comfortable, supported, and relaxed. Your wants and needs are important throughout your entire birthing process. I am here to ensure your voices are heard and respected. I would like to make your powerful and sacred experience one that you will cherish forever."

  • Available for birth support



Indigenous Birth Keeper, Childbirth Educator & Student Midwife

"Rayann continues to help encourage families to view Birth as an experience that can be shaped to be positive and rewarding. Birth is a time for women to honor and celebrate the power they hold as life givers. We need to as Katsie Cook Mohawk midwife says, “we need to honor the very first environments – the mother’s womb.”

  • Available for birth support: May, June, July 2021