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Benefits Of Warmth

Warmth is a powerful and gentle way to comfort and heal the body. You can use warmth as a comfort measure during pregnancy, labour and postpartum. Warmth can provide the body a gentle kick start to recovery and rejuvenation.

How can you use warmth for comfort?

  • Heating pads

  • Compress

  • Water bottle

  • Foot soak

  • Warm bath or shower

  • Ingesting warming foods and drinks

  • Creating a warm environment - turn on the heat, fireplace etc

  • Wrapping your belly/body with a warm blanket

  • Skin to skin with your baby- regulates body temperature

Benefits of warmth:

  • Removes any stiffness in the body

  • Helps with aches, pains & cramps

  • Promotes blood flow and tissue regeneration

  • Beneficial in providing comfort & release from engorgement

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